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The Twins

Can you imagine what it would be like to have no person in the world to talk to about your life with? Can you imagine growing up and as an adult having no-one to say, ‘remember when….?’ No mother, father, aunt, uncle or cousin to reminisce with, laugh with and share the sadness and pain of life with? If it hadn’t been for God, and knowing what we needed, this would have been me. I grew up with 2 different foster families, only one distant uncle, no cousins and foster siblings who were much older. Once I hit late my late teen years I met more family and discovered that I had sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles etc. But there was no other person in my life that shared my life from the day I was born until now. Except my twin sister. Many years ago, I asked God why He made me a twin. I don’t even know why I asked that question but these are just the weird and wonderful conversations I have with my heavenly Father. We were not the only children in our family. We were the last

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